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The PortEdgerton Chronicles

The Port Edgerton Chronicles is now available on Amazon as either a paperback or an ebook.

Want to support your local book store? Give them the title, author and the ISBN Number: 979-8886791310.

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  • American Road ©2018 catalog # SCM180101

Three-time New Mexico Music Award winner Gary Paul takes us on a pilgrimage through a landscape of colorful characters and musical influences ranging from blues to big band, gospel to funk, Western to bebop, with a few side trips along the way. An insightful songwriter and a compelling storyteller, Gary Paul presents cinema for the ears on this wonderful travelogue. Each of the 11 songs on American Road is a tale unto itself for the listener to savor. Taken as a whole, they are a tapestry of Americana to delight you, and insights into the broad, deep wellspring of experience behind this songwriter═s work.

This CD can be yours for just $17.00 plus $4.00 shipping & handling (add additional $10.00 for shipping outside the USA)! The CD is also available in digital download form at your favorite digital music supplier.

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The songs on American Road:

  • Big White Panama Hat 4:08
  • Goodnight, Texas 3:30
  • Hot Coffee 5:22
  • American Road 6:58
  • Witness 4:53
  • Relocatin' My Situation 3:38
  • Delaware County 4:43
  • Southwest Chief 4:52
  • The Winds of Oklahoma 5:03
  • Santa Fe Traio (Kit Carson's Last Ride) 5:26
  • The Madman From Arkansas 4:35
  • Sid's Gaseteria ©2007 catalog # BMR07001001

Gary Paul's first release - back when he still used his full name!  Originally released and carried by Big Moose Music and sold exclusively by CD Baby, Storm Canyon has acquired the entire stock on this CD.

This wonderful collection of poetic short stories set to music features guest performances by vocalists Mimi Nowak and Anna Herald, renowned percussionist Cheryl Prashkur and "Wild" Bill Turner on fiddle and mandolin.  This CD can be yours for just $12.00 plus $4.00 shipping & handling through Storm Canyon Music LLC!

You can also download just one song or the entire album at Apple's iTunes Store!

Review by Lazlo,, 2/19/07:
Gary Paul Hermus - Sid's Gaseteria

"Gary Paul Hermus is a storyteller, the truest definition of a folk singer. Whether it's telling the tale of a sentinel at Fort Nonsense during the Revolutionary War ("The Hills of Morristown"), the very touching reminiscence about Sid's Gaseteria upon it's closing, and Johnny B. who not just worked there, but seemed to be the coolest chap in town ("Johnny B."), or the downright fun of his brother dragging him out for a night of drinking and the bar fight that ensues ("Take Me Out and Get Me Loaded"), each song is a short story of it's own. "Sid's Gaseteria" is one of those rare albums that has that timeless quality, like it could have come out a long time ago, or today, and sound current either way."

The songs on Sid's Gaseteria:

  • Miles From Canaan 4:59
  • Caridad Christmas 4:29
  • The Man in the Black Chapeau 3:21
  • Johnny B. 6:13
  • Rollez Les Bon Temps 4:06
  • The Hills of Morristown 5:10
  • Blood Red Moon 2:58
  • Requiem for the Misbegotten 4:37
  • Road, Be My Lover 5:21
  • Take Me Out and Get Me Loaded 3:32
  • El Dorado 5:28
  • Jose Tejas 3:32
  • Eagle Rock, September 12 4:59


  • "American Road" Road Crew Campaign Ball Cap #SCM14999001

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